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Bado and Bado can offer you you personalized attention! We are located just north of Oklahoma City in Edmond, Oklahoma. You deserve on-site assistance from a caring adoption worker and an instate attorney. Whether it be that you need help getting to the doctor or lab, help getting to the grocery store, help negotiating with a landlord or finding a place to live, or help moving, or dealing with the birth father or your family, you deserve to have someone standing with you throughout this stressful time. We can offer you real help that out-of-state sources cannot offer. Plus, we provide years of experience from handling over 500 unique and unusual adoption scenarios.

Bado and Bado believes that women who make adoption plans for their children may be the most heroic people in our society. Few individuals place the needs of others so far above their own. A birth mother makes the ultimate sacrifice because she loves her baby. As an adoption law firm with more than 32 years’ experience, we are always amazed at the courage and determination that birth mothers display. We seek to find adoptive parents who will also recognize and value the birth mother’s commitment to provide the best life possible for her child.

When you, the birth mother, choose an adoption plan for your baby, you are entitled to all the encouragement, love, and support that we can offer. Most of all, the birth mother deserves to be recognized for the true heroism and love that she displayed. One way Bado and Bado ensures that the birth mother is valued and respected, is to honor her decision to place her baby. We assist with the birth mother’s physical and emotional needs throughout the pregnancy and several weeks after delivery. The birth mother chooses the adoptive parents by looking at our portfolio books of families. She may also have specific requests or circumstances she desires in the adoptive parents. We will locate parents that satisfy these requests.



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